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Christians have been taught we are all sinners and sin daily. What if that is untrue? What if you could believe all your sins are completely erased, including your future sins? What if you never had to fear Satan or worry about guilt? 

As Christians, we think we know everything about God, sin, and salvation. You may be surprised to find that some of the things you have learned all your life may not be entirely right.  It may be time to challenge your old ideas about what the Lord can do for you.  The Biblical teachings about God’s love and forgiveness are much better than imagined.

You should read this book because:


o   Just following God's written rules won't work in some situations.

o   Committing one sin does not always make you a sinner.

o   Your fate depends on your choice and not your imperfections.

o   If you are a Christian, you need to stop saying you are a sinner.

o   God can and will forgive all your past AND future sins.