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Posted on December 18, 2019 at 11:50 AM

Doesn't Christ demand perfection!  Isn't that our goal, because God is the mark?

If perfection is the goal and perfection is defined as never breaking the law, never committing a sin, or never making a mistake then I would say that God does not demand perfection. I do not believe God ever expected perfection from us. If we were perfect we would be God! We don’t expect perfection from ourselves or from others. God made us and knew we would not be perfect. I actually believe it is crazy to think God expects or demands perfection. I know it says be perfect and I tried to address what that means in the book.  When it talks about being perfect, sin is not even mentioned.  Being perfect entails being complete in following God.  Notice that the rich young ruler was encouraged to be perfect by following Jesus, which he was not willing to do.  It wasn't about not sinning.

Here’s the deal though. Let’s say we can’t agree on whether God demands perfection or not. The argument is moot because of forgiveness!! I gave up trying to be perfect. That does not make me less perfect then others because we are not perfect anyways. It does generally make me feel less guilty and ashamed. One Christian thinks he has to be perfect and one does not. Which is better off? I say the latter.  In both cases, neither person is perfect.  Are we to believe it is better to be the person who thinks God demands perfection?

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