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Satan and His Power

Posted on August 25, 2020 at 7:45 AM

You say, "Sin is not an outside force of evil that causes us to do things against our will."  Sometimes you hear people really focus on how Satan tempts us. Personally, I don't think I need any help with temptation. I provide enough of it on my own. Do you cover anything about the role of Satan in your book?

Erased does not cover Satan in depth, but you bring up some interesting thoughts. When we discuss the role of Satan in our lives, we quickly see that it is connected intimately with sin. There are several things we should note.


Satan is not God nor is he equal to God in any respect. He is a created being just as we are and is completely subject to God. He will never defeat God. God has allowed him the freedom to choose in the much the same way we have choice.  It is that choice that helps us define sin, because sin is what can and does separate us from God. You are correct that sin exists because of our decisions which are sometimes influenced by the Devil. However, Satan is not the cause nor originator of sin. He is a promoter of sin and separation. Satan's primary work is to pry us from the desired relationship with God. He does that through persuasion and enticement founded on deceit, because he is the father of lies. Any power he has is centered in his abilities to encourage people to leave God. He has no power over humans beyond that.


Notice in the garden, Satan used lies and persuasion to encourage Adam and Eve to leave God. He did not and could not cause them to sin against their will. Their sin resulted from their decision. Satan cannot control humans. Adam and Eve could have resisted by making the right choice. There is no evil force or dark side that can take over people. Evil is not a living force that haunts or controls us. Evil and sin result when we choose to forsake God and when we choose not to act in his image. We cannot avoid our responsibilities merely by saying, "The Devil made me do it."


When we talk about any potential power of Satan, we are talking about his influence in the world. When we choose God and accept salvation and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ, sin and Satan no longer has any power over us. Satan cannot defeat us because we now live in the Spirit. There is nothing (death, powers, demons, or Satan) that can separate us from God. We are promised that. Because he has no power to separate, Satan has absolutely no authority over those of us in Christ. It is disturbing to see Christians who still continue to live in fear and anxiety about sin and Satan. Those insecurities are largely because they have not accepted fully the expanse of God's love. When we are completely forgiven and taken back into God's house, the door is closed on Satan. He is still there, working in the world but not in us. We are free from sin and Satan and, therefore, are free indeed. To continue to live in fear is to deny the awesome power of God.

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