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Man God (US)


Why is there a Son of God? Was Jesus really God or merely a third God? What does it mean he was and is Lord? Did he come to start a new religion? Did Jesus really have to die? Did he go to hell for us? How could Jesus Christ be sinless but also a human like me? There is always room to reexamine our views of this one called the Lord Jesus Christ.

You will want to read this book if:

 You are interested in the names of Jesus and the meaning behind them

 You have had questions about some of the doctrines concerning Jesus such as the trinity or substitutionary atonement

 You want to understand more about why there is a Jesus Christ

 You have struggled with ideas such as whether Jesus was really sinless and how he could be both human and God

 You want to know more about the awesome reality of God coming to earth for you and me


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