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I really enjoyed reading your book. It was loaned to me by a mutual friend. Insightful and a thoughtful journey into the homeless. Very moving.

LuEl C.

The book was amazing and it definitely made readers feel like they were getting to know Butch as well.  I give it a five-star rating.

Kristin T.

SOMEBODY SOMEDAY is an excellent book. As soon as I received the book in the mail I read it from cover to cover and couldn't put it down. It is well written and heartwarming. I highly recommend this book. Homeless adults are often misunderstood and feared when really they are more like "normal" folks than we realize. They are not all drunks and druggies. The subject of this book is a great example. So glad his path and the author's intersected. That's a God thing.

Bobbie W.

SOMEBODY SOMEDAY is well worth the read. Butch, though homeless, is so wise in so many ways. And the way he copes with homelessness is incredible. Thank you, Joye, for sharing your communications with him.

Gwen S.


I completely enjoyed poring over ERASED. Holmes has done a masterful job exploring the topics of forgiveness, sin, and our relationship with God. There were moments in the book that I had to pause. I even had to put the book down for days or weeks to digest what I had read and let my personal journey catch up with what was written. ERASED is neither inspired not infallible but it is a book I think all Christians should read. It belongs on a bookshelf alongside volumes such as Lewis's "Mere Christianity" and Chan's "Crazy Love."

The only negative I found was the use of some many different translations of the scriptures. I had no issue with the translations themselves. However the use of so many throughout the book felt distracting to me.

Once again, I highly recommend this book to any heart searching for forgiveness.
- Joseph McWhorter, Canyon Lake Church of Christ, Texas

I have read and reread ERASED: God's Complete Forgiveness of Sins by Gary L. Holmes.  If you are burdened with nagging doubts about God's willingness and desire to forgive your sins then this book will be especially comforting to you.  I would particularly recommend ERASED to Bible classes and discussion groups as a guide to an in-depth study of the importance of the believer's peace of mind in ones' Christian walk.

- Dennis Jones, President Emeritus, Heritage Christian University 

In his book, ERASED: God's Complete Forgiveness of Sins, Gary L. Holmes delves into topics of sin, holiness, choice, grace, justification, and guilt. I remember feeling challenged even before reading the book, by the cover alone. My curiosity was piqued. Would this be a biblical treatise with a true handling of scriptural principle and text or a subjective arrangement of theological babble resulting in confusion and disunity? Now that I have read the book, I believe the book will help institute a change in attitude among so many Christians once we realize God sees His children as "pure."

A speedy perusal of the table of contents asks questions that quickly beg our attention. Even before reading, realize you will approach each chapter with your own plethora of presumptions. I recall wondering, "Will this align with my own thoughts or challenge me rightly towards new heights?"  So much of this book serves as a reminder of what you may already believe but does so within a framework that elevates and enlightens.

In the book, Holmes establishes our reason for fearing to approach God. He reminds that God seeks us as His own and that in His Son there is "no sin." I appreciated that we could make a conscious choice to be "a part of God or not a part of God." I also believe Holmes handled well the topic of rule law. The book ultimately asks whether we will embrace the gift of God's grace and allow ourselves to be consumed by its deeper meaning. Will we truly allow ourselves to walk within a context of a blessed state, knowing God has forgiven us and be willing to forgive ourselves? This fact shines brightly throughout the entire book. "It is time we stop dwelling on our sins and start concentrating on God's total forgiveness. God's love is bigger than anything we can imagine; His forgiveness is complete." God calls us His. We belong to God. We are freed from the power and guilt of sin. We can be confident in this without a doubt. We are secure in Him. All our sins are ERASED.
- James Farris, Heber Springs Church of Christ, Heber Springs, Arkansas

Holmes has done a awesome job taking the utmost care to help his readers understand, starting in small things and growing into a gigantic understand of God’s awesome truths... especially on forgiveness.

The author moves through this book to help people like you and me better understand that God does not forgive with the same kind of limitations humans do... for His forgiveness is far superior and does not quit like humans most often do.

You should read this book.  I read it twice and will very likely read it a few more times.  And, if you ever ask me what I think, I will simply say, “YOU SHOULD GET THIS BOOK, DIGEST IT AND SEE HOW GOD HAS FREED HIS COVENANT PEOPLE FROM THE GUILT OF SIN.”

- Garry Knighton, Church of Christ/North, Shreveport, Louisiana

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ERASED by Gary L. Holmes and recommend it to anyone for clear teaching on the topic of forgiveness from our God of all grace. Gary challenges many long held beliefs and gives great reasons for re-thinking God's on-going forgiveness.
- Leon Barnes, Central Church of Christ, Little Rock, Arkansas
Loved this book. We have been having conversations similar to this for many years and it has become a common discussion at our congregation. I also know that the academic community has been wrestling with many of these discussions as well. I think that this will be a good book for some of our people at church. I will look into have the book for a study group, class.

First, I really appreciate how Holmes defined the relationship with God aspect, sin as rebellion against that relationship, and what it means to be considered sinless, a child of God, and forgiven. This is great stuff and we need it in our churches. He has done well with the text and with what people are wrestling with.

Second, my only concern is that the author would need to address some key issues we deal with. The issues we face in working with those in addiction, oppressive/abusive behavior, and other sins are repentance, reciprocity, and accepting struggle as a normal road in discipleship. I understand that Holmes is addressing many others in a congregation, but these three points could be developed more fully if he is to update this resource in the near future.

None of this is meant to be negative. As one doing ministry in the “trenches” I believe that Erased not only offers hope develops an important resource for all of us in our journey with Jesus.
- Ron Clark, Agape Church of Christ, Portland, Oregon
This is a great book and is one to add to your shelf and re-read often as a reminder.

This last Sunday a woman came forward at the end of worship and has been a faithful servant for over 80 years. (She is now in her 90's.) She asked for prayers for the sins she had committed. I thought to myself, "Where do we get this idea of not being forgiven?" As I read "Erased", I thought about the teaching I had grown up with and how little grace was even talked about. I am glad that Gary is willing to take the teaching of total forgiveness and explain it very well.

I am going to purchase several more of these books to give to others to read in helping with the realization of how totally forgiven we really are, not having to worry about at the age of 90 if we have done enough to be forgiven. The good news is that all our sins are totally erased.
- Robert Heyden, Memorial Church of Christ, Houston, Texas
Gary L. Holmes is a great writer. He is very insightful and explains the Scriptures very well. His book, "Erased: God's Complete Forgiveness of Sins" should be one on everyone's bookshelves. His material is well thought out and easy to follow. I am glad I had the opportunity to read this book.
- Gene Newberry, South Yukon Church of Christ, Yukon, Oklahoma
One of my favorite songs is called “Free”. Free, a song written by Steven Curtis Chapman, explains the freedom of a person condemned to prison for a crime, yet forgiven by God through Christ. How often do Christians wrestle with the question of true forgiveness? What does true forgiveness look like? Is God the only one capable of true forgiveness?

Gary Holmes does a masterful job of looking at these questions and more. He walks through the idea of sin and its complicated discussions. Not in an attempt to exhaust all discussions, but in an attempt to call the reader to live into the full forgiveness offered by God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We do so by living a “for God” life and leaving the “not for God” life. I highly recommend this book everyone who is a believer and to those seeking to understand how a God can forgive “such a wretch as I”.

- Stephen Maxwell, North Atlanta Church of Christ, Atlanta, Georgia

Gary Holmes' book Erased is a blessing on the subject of forgiveness. Guilt is a burden that no one should have to bear. We can choose God -- His love, His grace, His will for our lives. Erased explains how practical this forgiveness is to transform our lives. The explanation impacts us where we live in every aspect, especially, our relationship to God and others. If you want to live and walk in the Spirit, then read this book and reread it to let the truth sink into your mind. When you are finished, you will have a good understanding of Romans 6 - 8. Conversion changes your life. Be free. Be forgiven. God wants you to experience His gift. Erased will help you live it more fully.
- Terry Chapman, South Trail Church of Christ, Sarasota, Florida
The overall tone of the book is winsome. Although the author is clearly writing against certain views prevalent in his tribe, he is never shrill, but instead patiently, firmly, and clearly states his positions. You will either learn something new about God's forgiveness or you will be confirmed in what you already know. Either way, the book is worth reading, especially in a thoughtful devotional way.

- Stephen Kenney, Ohio Valley University, Vienna, West Virginia

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